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How Emma Got Real...


Truth be told, I have had this (the task of writing a new “about me”)

on my to-do list for months.


With the launch of a new website, a new brand & a new mission - updating the story of how I got here is crucial.


So, why the wait?

Why the procrastination?

Why the resistance to sitting down & writing about myself?

Well, the truth is… 2021 shook me to my core.


I spent the majority of the year grasping at straws in hopes of feeling “good” or “okay” or “better.” I felt so far away from who I had been & even farther away from who I was becoming. It was as if I was just hovering...floating….waiting for the right time & place to drop back into myself.


But the hardest part wasn’t that I felt misaligned… it was the guilt that came alongside it. The guilt of not creating, sharing, producing or gaining more “success” in my business. That guilt carried with me for months. From the spring, through the summer, into the fall….


& then it happened. 


I realized that while the year 2020 was a massive year of expansion for me - with deep spiritual awakenings, new ideas, wants, needs & desires pouring out of me, & as I began to take this inspiration & put it into action, dreaming of the ways I could help the collective navigate their own awakenings…. the universe was brewing up its own plan. 


One that required me to go through one of the hardest years of my life before birthing my new brand & mission. 

IMG_4033 copy.jpg
Shadow on Concrete Wall

So, the good news? 

I am here now.
The storm is passing. I am dropped in.
Tuned in.
I am finally feeling like me.
More myself than ever.
Emerged as the next best version.
Ready to create, share & connect.

Shadow on Concrete Wall
Shadow on Concrete Wall

Because there were things within me that needed to heal, expand & release before embarking on this new journey. 

Now… the road that got me here has been a long one. My previous “about me” from my old website is now published as a blog post. You can read that here to get a deeper understanding of who I was before stepping into the role as “realwithemma.”


What I want to share with you now, as it relates to my new brand, mission & purpose… is this:

IMG_4033 copy.jpg
58EAEA62-0EDC-4948-AF80-EA5AD200A07F 2.jpg
Shadow on Concrete Wall

My battle with darkness (eating disorders, health issues, anxiety, comparison, judgement, shame, self hate, depression) is what unlocked my ability to find the light. Turning my pain into poetry has been the key to my healing, my evolution & is the foundational energy that allows me to help others.


It was through my own quest to become my best self that I was able to see that this journey to self love is not an easy one. It is not simple. Or black & white. Or linear. 

It is messy. It is heavy, sticky & uncomfortable. 

But… it is the most rewarding work you’ll ever do.


& I am here to show you why.

To show you how.

To help you understand that
you cannot hate yourself into
a place of love.

You cannot diet, restrict, count, measure, run, force or push your body into alignment with your best self.

I am here to show you the beauty in the contrast.

To teach you the inner workings of the body, mind & soul.

To guide you into alignment with your best, most authentic self. 

REALWITH Wellness was created for the souls who came to earth to break

the pattern, the cycle, the conditioning. 

Who have woken up to the knowing that they are more than they were ever taught to believe. 

Who have found themselves in a place of expansion, but feel more lost than ever. 

Who are craving a deeper understanding of energy, love, spirituality & the ways in which they can live a fulfilled life without sacrificing, suffering or suppressing.

Who are here to heal, to grow, to learn, to connect…

Who are ready & willing to choose a life of love > fear.


If you are reading this please know that the REALWITH community was created for YOU. 


I am honored to be your guide, your friend, your sister, your healer.


I hope you embark on this journey alongside me.


With love,

Xx, Emma

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