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November 4, 2021

spending time today taking extra special care of myself.

we have a new moon in scorpio & as with any new moon it’s time for us to reflect & release to make space for the new.

my afternoon was spent meditating while in my sauna blanket. with candles lit. followed by a long shower. a face mask. some tea w honey. tarot. pen to paper. soft music & warm blankets.

on the outside it looks really nice. soothing. peaceful. & while it’s true — I feel soothed. I feel at peace…

it’s only possible because I allowed the contrast to be part of the work. weaved into these acts of self care we’re moments of fear. darkness. shame. guilt. loneliness. & most importantly — clarity.

today’s messy but beautiful reflection showed me that yet again I have been swept up into believing a story of mine as old as time — one rooted so deep it takes ample time patience & love to uproot.

— the story so quietly told that I don’t even realize when I hear it. a story so convincing that I easily believe it.

the story that says: I am not good enough. smart enough. unique enough. bold enough. powerful enough. perfect enough. so why even try?

this story of mine takes many forms. wears many masks. has many ways of creeping in.

but it’s in these moments of presence that I am able to see clearly. that I am able to show love to my darkness. & choose again.

sometimes (most times) we have to get really quiet to see the truth of the reality we are living in.

so if you have not already today. get quiet. go within. & think about your current reality. is it serving you? if not, why? what parts would you change? do you feel the way you want to feel? no? why? how DO you want to feel? what is holding you back from feeling that way?

release the old & call in the new 🌚

with love,


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